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“I just want to start out by saying that Rod (The Owner Of SHS) runs quite possibly THE ABSOLUTE BEST Handicapping service on the internet you can possibly find. On top of that. the customer service is OUTSTANDING I wish I could rate it higher than an A++, on top Of the fact he and his crew’s winning percentage is DOCUMENTED and hitting at close to 70 % Yearly. That’s next to impossible but Rod and his fellow handicappers do it day in day out. I’ve communicated with Rod often through e-mail and not only is he one Of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but he was even so kind to give me a couple Of his plays for free that he releases to his members to help me build up my bankroll. You can look around and you will not see a negative comment on SHS. People say it’s next to impossible to please everybody, but with Rod and his Crew, he does infact please everybody. Not only does he WIN, but everything about SHS in my opinion is rated an A*+. Just yesterday Rod released 6 plays to me and we went 6-0!! I could go on and on but all I have to say I thank you Rod. I’m so glad I found SHS!”
“***** SHS is the REAL DEAL… I have been with other services in the past and they do not come close to the customer service along with the quality of plays that SHS provides Rod and his crew put the time and energy into making sure every play is the RITE play !! There Statistics and Mathematics are above ANY service out their… Rod makes sure every client get personalized services… We have yet to meet but he makes sure we stay in contact everyday. and have become friends without meeting… He is very kind as I’m sure all of his employees are… if you looking for a service this is the one!! A+++”
“Purchased a Gold membership four months ago, I started with a $5,000 bankroll… It’s now over $46,000!! SHS I wish I would have found you 5 years ago!! There information an customer service is like no other out there!! Amazing!!!!!”
“I’ve been with SHS since the fall of 2011, finally! A legit company! Life changing for me!!”
“started sports betting 11 years ago, this information is like no other service out there. Wow!! Keep it going!”
“I’m a new member with Sports Handicapping Service as of sept 2013, I started with the one month bronze membership, they started out 0-3, but then went 15-1. I finished the month with a 76% winning percentage, an up over 11,000! I’m now a Platinum member!! Thanks SHS!!!!”
“Finally!! A company that provides winning information, I’ve been betting with my wife for nine years an been with SHS for two, We would say.. simply Amazing!!”
“Im in the Platinum membership now for the third year in a row, the one on one consulting is priceless.”
“Thanks for the incredible info mates!!! I’ve made enough money now after one month to take that trip to the U.S.A!!”
“Joined SHS in March of 2012, because of you guys I’m buying that new sports car!! Anybody on the fence? Don’t be, there everything an more!!!!!!!”
“Sports Handicapping Service has changed my life! Soooo glad I found SHS!!”
“I have never seen a company explain there information out so clearly, an most important they WIN!! I’m now a month into the “Private Player Club” this club is hands down the way to go, they do everything!!!!!!!!!”
“I am VERY impressed, worth every dollar.”
“Thank you so much SHS! I bought the one year membership almost a year ago now, best year of my life!! I’ll be doing another year in Feb!!”
“I bought into the Private Player Club, at the start of the football season in sept… I just check my account weekly an watch it grow! I’ve done four withdraws of over 6000 each time, an another one soon!!!!!”
“You guys are the most honest, trustworthy, winning handicapping service out there!! Quite simply.. There’s SHS, then all the rest.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! The SHS, Private Player Club pretty much is funding my daughters college, an thank you Rod for getting me started!!!!”
“Sports Handicapping Service does everything first class, thats all that needs to be said. Just did a cash out, an bought the platinum membership. Would love to work someday for your company!!”
“Thank you so much SHS, your product an service is unmatched”
“I’ll be coming to Las Vegas for the first time in March, for your customer appreciation weekend from my winnings! SHS, your Amazing!!!”
“My brother an I have been with eight services over the last six years, our search is over! SHS ROCKS!!!!!”